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Seasonal Color

One of the most effective ways to add value and attract attention to your property is through a unique and vibrant display of seasonal color. At Outdoor Images, we have a broad knowledge of and access to a diverse variety of plant material that will both look beautiful and adapt to the environment. After learning your preferences for color and plant types, our designers create a plant palette based on the architectural elements of your property, the climate zone, sun and shade conditions, soil composition, and irrigation capabilities. The palette will be rotated twice per year; a warm weather planting installed in April or May, and a cool weather planting installed in October or November. Sustained by our maintenance services, this vibrant and hardy display of color will create excellent curb appeal and a lasting impression on visitors and guests.

Seasonal Color Service Includes:

Soil Conditioner

Natural organic compost contains bacteria that convert nitrogen and other nutrients into a form obtainable by plants. It assists in soil moisture and nutrient conservation, and provides aeration for Georgia’s hard, clay soils.

Slow-Release Fertilizer

Slow-release fertilizers are added at the time of plant installation and allow for the gradual release of nutrients throughout the season, helping plants to absorb more nutrients for an even top growth and healthier roots.


Mulch aids in soil moisture conservation and soil temperature stabilization, enhancing root development.  It reduces weed competition by blocking light, and as it decomposes, mulch adds valuable organic matter to the soil.


To ensure a vibrant display of color is maintained throughout the season, maintenance visits are completed based on the cultural requirements of the plantings and include additional mulch, insect treatments, fungicide applications, liquid fertilizer, the removal of expired flowers, and pruning necessary to maintain bed shapes.