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Landscape Irrigation Services

With water management continuing to be an increasingly important topic in Georgia, you want to be sure that your irrigation system is fully functional and efficient, not only to protect your landscape investment, but also to protect the environment through water conservation. Outdoor Images can provide expert solutions for your water-efficiency system, either through a new installation or through a thorough evaluation of your existing irrigation system. An effective and efficient irrigation system requires high quality, professional materials in combination with proper design and installation. Outdoor Images not only accomplishes this, but also provides assistance and ongoing services for years to come, simplifying your life while adding beauty and value to your home.

Irrigation Design & Installation

A qualified Outdoor Images irrigation consultant will develop a detailed plan providing a layout of all sprinklers, valves, and controllers, based on the anticipated water consumption needed to provide effective and efficient coverage. Our dedicated irrigation crew will then install your system carefully and professionally. They take great pride in their treatment of your property, taking the necessary steps to leave your existing turf or plant beds in the same way they found them.

Irrigation System Renovation

A leading authority in the latest water management products and trends, Outdoor Images is your source for water conservation solutions. After evaluating your existing irrigation system, we will suggest improvements needed to implement a sustainable irrigation program.We have the flexibility to phase in modifications over several years or to do a complete renovation of your system.

Water Harvesting Systems

Outdoor Images is a strong proponent of water re-use. We install water-harvesting rain barrels, pillows, and cisterns for both residential and commercial applications. Water harvesting enables you to capture rainwater, run-off water, and air conditioning condensation.

Irrigation System Maintenance

Our service team is dedicated to maintaining and servicing your irrigation systems throughout the year.  Preventative maintenance contracts include:

  • Spring Start-Up to turn water on, activate the controller, test each zone and make the necessary head adjustments.
  • Mid-Season System Evaluation provides an inspection of the system and includes any needed head adjustments and watering time changes.
  • System Winterization includes turning off the water, deactivating the controller, and draining the pipe system to prevent freeze damage.