Residential Lighting
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Residential Low-Voltage Lighting

Carefully crafted landscape lighting can create a special mood. The installation of low-voltage outdoor landscape lighting can transform darkened grounds into a welcoming world of soft evening light. Trees and shrubs can be spotlighted, casting shadows as warm luminescence bathes over stone walkways and walls. Even driveways that look drab during the day can look welcoming as patterns of light glow across the cement. Landscape lighting paints the beauty of natural and cultivated forms, a pool, fountains and pathways with subtle shading, shadow, and color. In addition to aeshetics, a lighted landscape also provides the bonus of safety and security.

Creative Lighting Design & Installation

Outdoor landscape lighting can be both functional and aesthetic. Outdoor Images works closely with the homeowner to achieve the desired lighting effects, assisting you every step of the way. Through a properly prepared layout combined with our professional installation, strategically placed low-voltage lighting will illuminate once darkened areas of the landscape for increased security and safe navigation of the property.

Top Quality Fixtures & Materials

By combining superior materials, finishes, and workmanship, you can be confident that we are installing only the safest, most efficient and versatile equipment available on the market today. Solid brass, copper, and aluminum lighting fixtures assure years of trouble-free enjoyment from your system.

Ongoing Support Services

At any time, we will gladly answer your questions and help with any challenges that might arise. Just as your home, automobile, and landscape require maintenance, so too does your landscape lighting system.  We offer semi-annual and annual maintenance contracts for lighting systems. Priced by the number of fixtures on the property, the maintenance contract includes a complete inspection of the system, including the transformer and/or photo cell, cleaning and adjusting of the fixtures, and lamp replacement as needed.